5 Records That Could Be Broken In 2019

5 Records that could that could be broken in 2019 – We had a ball of time in year 2018 because we had witnessed the loads of quality cricket all over the world. The year 2018 threw us into a cricketing bubble, which was full of extraordinary performance in all departments. Right from witnessing Virat Kohli becoming the fastest human to surpass the five-figure mark in ODI cricket to heeding some close matches, the year 2018 failed to disappoint us because it was never less on entertainment.

5 Records That Could Be Broken In 2019

For all, we had the privilege of seeing 257 international sports in calendar year 2018. It was Virat Kohli, who scored 2735 runs on the batting chart, and Jaspreet Bumrah (78 wickets) with the ball. Who donated the list of most wickets in 2018. As a whole, the Indian team has been in top of all formats with a total of 35 wins.

Along with this, a lot of records were lost in the year 2018.Moreover, quite a few other records got closer on the cusp of breaking. Thus, with all the cricketing action for the year 2018, we will see five records which can break in 2019.

5. Most wins as an Indian Test captain :-

5 Records That Could Be Broken In 2019
5 Records That Could Be Broken In 2019

The Indian cricket team ended the year when they registered a historic victory against Australia in the prestigious Melbourne Cricket Ground. The win against Australia is India’s first victory in MCG since 1981. With this victory, the Indian captain Virat Kohli equalled Sourav Ganguly’s tally of eleven overseas wins which is the most by an Indian Test captain. 

Apart from this, it also called for the 26th Test of Kohli as the Indian captain, which is second only after MS Dhoni, who is 27 years as Captain, with long wins. Thus, having captained India in 45 Tests, Virat looks set to surpass MS Dhoni to become India’s most successful captain in the history of Test cricket.

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And, in the process, he might overpower Ganguly to register himself India’s most successful captain at overseas. Apart from this, with the minimum difference, crossing the records of these two captains will not prove to be a difficult task for anyone on the stature of Kohli.

4. Most runs in T20I cricket :-

5 Records That Could Be Broken In 2019
5 Records That Could Be Broken In 2019

In year 2019, Martin Guptill will fight against Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli and Shoaib Malik to maintain record of the highest run in the history of T20I cricket. Guptill, Rohit, Shoaib and Virat currently make 2271, 2237, 2190 and 2167 runs in T20I cricket.

With the T20I series between India and New Zealand, only Rohit and Kohli appear to be clear villains for New Zealand’s T20I records. However, Malik may also be in dispute in the second half of 2019. However, by marking the continuity of Virat and Rohit, none of the Indian batsmen is ready to snatch the record of Guptill in the first place.

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Recognizing the fact that Rohit has an impressive consistency in T20I cricket and the case that he is an opener, Mumbaikar is assuming the record of most T20I runs. Howbeit, it is worth noting that although Rohit is in line to break records, other players are in the competition well and also Guptill.

Thus, during the next twelve months, we could see the fierce competition between these four batsmen, in which record-changing heads were not many times more.

3. Most centuries as an ODI captain :-

5 Records That Could Be Broken In 2019
5 Records That Could Be Broken In 2019

The legendary Australian captain, Ricky Ponting, currently holds the record of most number of centuries (22) as an ODI captain. At 22 ODI centuries as a captain, Ponting happens to be the only player to score 20 or more ODI tons as the skipper of his national side. 

However, Ponting’s record is worthy because a player has been envisioned to cross the Australian legend in the year 2019. No brainer, the player is the current Indian captain Virat Kohli. At this time, the best batsman, Kohli has scored 16 ODI centuries as captain. Thus, in 2019, he will be short of seven ODI tons to break Ponting’s record.

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Scoring seven ODIs in a year call for a difficult task, but seeing Kohli’s caliber as a batsman, it seems very good. Apart from this, India is playing one-day international cricket in 2019 which strengthens this argument.

2. 1000 wins for a team in international cricket :-

5 Records That Could Be Broken In 2019
5 Records That Could Be Broken In 2019

The year 2018 proved to be a disappointing year for the Australian cricket team because they lost their best players – David Warner and Steve Smith in the ball-tampering controversy that shook the cricket world.

The defeat in the Australian team created a big void because they fought a lot in 2018. From the ball-tampering saga to the end of the year 2018, Australia played a total of 28 matches and managed to win only seven of them.

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However, the 2019 Australian duo – Warner and Smith – will bring new luck to the team – ahead of the 2019 World Cup.

Moreover, as Australia embark on the journey of 2019, they will be approaching a historical record that no other international team has ever achieved. Standing on 999 international wins, Australia will become the first ever team to surpass 1000 wins in international cricket.

If Australia manage to accomplish the feat in the coming Test against India, they will be making a great start to the year 2019. 

1. Fastest to score 20,000 international runs :-

5 Records That Could Be Broken In 2019
5 Records That Could Be Broken In 2019

In international cricket, total 11 players have scored more than 20000 runs. However, the fastest player to reach the milestone is Sachin Tendulkar and Brian Lara who made this feat in 453 innings. Interestingly, Lara (372) got less than Sachin (402) to achieve the feat.

Nonetheless, after almost 13 years, the record of fastest 20,000 international runs is under scare as Virat Kohli is racing at speed faster than a bullet train to breach the 20000-run mark in international cricket. The current Indian captain has scored 18989 international runs from 398 innings and will be needing 1011 more runs from 52 innings in the year 2019 to break the record.

Let’s bring perspective into numbers. Delight scored 2735 runs in 47 innings in 2018. Thus, a lot of work to do 1011 runs in 52 innings will not prove to be pending in Kohli’s current form in 2019.

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