20 Best Cricket Games For Mobiles

Best Cricket Games for mobiles- Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world. In particular, Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and many areas are popular. Over the years, many developers have released superb cricket games for mobile phones featuring three formats; ODI, Test, T20. We have prepared a list of 20 Best Cricket Games for Mobiles.

20 Best Cricket Games For Mobiles

List of 20 Best Cricket Games for mobiles. Here is 

20.Smash Cricket:-

best cricket games for mobiles

Smash Cricket is basically a T20 cricket game. To play the game does not require an active internet connection. There are various cricket modes, including the World Cup, where you have to become the world champion by defeating other teams. Online war is a mode where you will play against friends in online matches. There are 40 real cricket batsmen and bowlers to form a dream team and play against other teams.

You can play 6 different tournaments, including World Cup 2015, Premier League, Super Series, Champions Cup, Challengers Cup, and World Cup 2019. The game has the facility of realistic physics that makes the game more realistic. There are also in-app purchases to upgrade your team to make them better, faster, stronger.

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19. Hit Cricket:-

best cricket games for mobiles
Best cricket games for mobiles

Hit cricket is very different from other cricket games because here you have to create your own cricket team, buy players at the auction, play leagues, and compete with players from around the world. This is by far the best concept game of cricket we have seen. You experience the real-life IPL play in this game.

 18. ICC Pro Cricket:

best cricket games for mobiles

One of the most detailed and realistic cricket simulation experiences of its kind, “ICC Pro Cricket ” is a gamer’s pleasure. Cricket fever never stops because it is equipped with 2 gameplay cameras and more than 25 in-game camera angles. There are different modes like ICC Cricket World Cup, World Tour, and Quick Match Mode. It includes 210 official players of 14 teams of ICC Cricket World Cup. Intuitive batting and bowling control with speed, line, and length make this game unique.

The best part is that we do not have to create imaginary players because the real names of players have been used. Also, 3D visuals and sweeping views of the ground lend the feeling of actually being the stadium. It is also in the list of game editor’s favorites and more than 5 million people have downloaded it with an average rating of 4.2.

17. Real World Cricket 18: Cricket Games:-

best cricket games for mobiles
Best cricket games for mobiles

This is a new generation of mobile cricket game for you to play with all the challenges and championships of all cricket lovers. This great cricket is an advanced cricketing game with the power of world facilities and mobile cricket. You can try different bat shots with only perfect batting controls and animations in this game. It’s time for all cricket champs to tie up their shoelaces and be ready to enjoy T20 matches with international standards and teams. You can also play 50 over matches in any format of your choice. Test your skills and stick to your fierce strategies, because the world sees you. 

Main Features:

  1. Advanced gameplay.
  2. Perfect batting controls.
  3. Choose your format.
  4. Test your skills.

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16. Stick Cricket Super League:-

best cricket games for mobiles
Best cricket games for mobiles

This is a good and funny T-20 cricket game where you can control the player with one hand. Here you can play a tournament and many other matches.

Highlighted Features:


Create and customize your character, before heading out onto the T20 cricket arena. You are the ultimate cricket megastar, with a huge range of hairstyles and accessories to choose from.


Cities from all over the world are competing in the Stick Cricket Super League. Move over IPL and Big Bash… no other T20 leagues or cricket games compare! Take your favorite cricket team to the top of the truly ultimate world cricket championship.


Bolster your squad with some genuine real cricket star firepower. Negotiate seasonal contracts with the world’s best cricket players.


When the helmet goes on, it’s game time. Smash sixes in typically Stick Cricket fashion and ignite the fireworks at the stadium.


Select your first XI, win the toss, decide which of your players bats and bowls. You’ll have full control over captaincy decisions. You are the ultimate cricket megastar.


Tired of smashing your own sixes or watching your bowlers run through the opposition? Fast Track to the end of the innings.

15. Street Cricket:-

best cricket games for mobiles
Best cricket games for mobiles

Rough and tough games, dust, sweat, and sadness of cricket. What is that street cricket! With the general enthusiasm of the game, the newly revised rules are still in line with the status of the ground, Street Cricket puts you in your palms. Make a team of five and select your players accordingly. You can play matches of 5 or 10 overs, which means that the matches will be short and quick, which in turn will make them more fun. After finishing a game you can start another and extend your entertainment hours. 

Main Features:

  1. Simple and easy to use.
  2. Clean interface.
  3. Easy to play.
  4. Fun graphics.
  5. Gully cricket feel.

14. Power Cricket T20 Cup 2018:-

best cricket games for mobiles
Best cricket games for mobiles

Here, in this cricket game, you can warm up for the IPL League 2018 on your Android device. You can also play against the international team you want to play and can show your cricket skills. Basically, this game offers modes of Net Practice, Tournament Mode with Super Over and Challenge mode.

In this game, you have the choice to choose any of the 14 cricket playing nations like India, Australia, South Africa, Bangladesh, New Zealand, Scotland, Ireland, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, West Indies, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, and UAE. Here in this game, you can play 6 formats of T20 games like Tri Series, Premier Knockout, Champions Cup, Power Cup, Asia Cup, and Challenge Series.

Main Features:

  1. 4 Different Modes of gameplay.
  2.  3 different formats to choose from.
  3. 5 different types of bowlers.
  4. Great graphics and animations.
  5. Record your own Career Profile.

13. Real Cricket Test Match:-

best cricket games for mobiles
Best cricket games for mobiles

Real Cricket now brings the much awaited and requested Test Match experience for the first time ever on your Android device. This game will let you play a test series between any of the 10 Test Cricket playing nations. It will give you a chance to participate in the most historic rivalry- England Vs Australia. Pick your sides and win the title of the winner. The simple and intuitive controls of the game compel you to enjoy the game at the fullest with ease. The game gives you full control over team selection, batting and bowling order, 15 field placements to choose from and much more. The game has never seen before modes, unique and striking art styles that you will not get anywhere else.

Main Features:

  1. Simple and intuitive controls.
  2. Scintillating 2D Motion Captured animations.
  3. Authentic Cricket equipment.
  4. Full user control.

12. Sachin Saga Cricket Champion:-

best cricket games for mobiles

This is a new game of Sachin Tendulkar officially. Sachin Saga game comes with two different game modes including Legend and Event. Legend mode comes with tasks or targets such as score 30 runs on 40 balls or similar targets. In Event Mode, you will build your own dream team and play with your squad. The game lets you play with the latest players and there will be the latest players in the team in the global teams. More than 120 veteran cricketers have to be collected from the latest teams.

The game has realistic motion-captured animations and offers good graphics. The company behind the game claims that the game has over 5 million players enjoying the game.

Main Features:

  1. Legendary mode.
  2. PlayOffs Mode.
  3. Events Mode.
  4. Battle friends and other players.
  5. Multiple time-limited events.

11. Real Cricket 17:-

best cricket games for mobiles

A complete cricket game “Real Cricket 17” for fans is currently trending. This game has brought a multiplayer feature with which a user can compete with his friends. In addition, the best feature is the Premier League auction that makes you the owner of your team. The real-time experience of the auction with the top players is running under the hammer and makes it more exciting. There are different challenge modes from South Africa, Bangladesh, England, Pakistan, Test Match mode, Champions Cup and the most important domestic T20 tournament.

The game provides scintillating 2D motion captured animations along with authentic cricket equipment provided by legendary manufacturers- Gray Nicolls and SS. There is also a quiz for the freaks who love to play with history and numbers. The users of the game are increasing by the day with more than 10 Million downloads and again the average rating of 4.2 with graphics in the game is the favorite of the reviewers.

Main Features:

  1. Fresh look and feel.
  2. Cricket quiz.
  3. Detailed leaderboard.
  4. All new player profile.
  5. Ultra-fluid signature real cricket animations.

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10. Cricket T20 Fever 3D:-

best cricket games for mobiles

T20 is the short form of cricket and has become really popular after IPL and similar T20 cricket leagues. If you really enjoy T20 cricket, this cricket game for Android is for you. The game comes with 3D graphics that gives you good cricket experience. It features realistic animations and ball physics. The game has easy controls for both batting and bowing.

There are 6 different venues to play the game and eight world-class teams to choose from. You can select from different gaming modes including Quick Match, ODI, Twenty 20 and the Trophy 2009. You can also submit your score online to see where you stand among other games across the world.

Main features:

  1. Full 3D graphics with realistic animations.
  2. Eight world class international teams.
  3. Six eye-catching venues.
  4. Multiple gameplay modes.

9.Epic Cricket- Best Cricket Simulator 3D Game:-

best cricket games for mobiles
Best cricket games for mobiles

Did you dream of becoming one of the top players in the world? Then this is your chance where all the cricket lovers can now play and make their highest score against other players. Now be one of the top players on the leaderboard and get a chance to win PayTM cash. The quintessential game of cricket is about to witness the most radical transformation ever with this mobile gaming platform. It is built for the truly passionate fans of Cricket game all over the World. The team behind the game has developed complex algorithms and techniques and built a game that will leave an everlasting impression on gamers visual and auditory senses.

Main Features:

  1. HD quality visuals.
  2. Full match live commentary.
  3.  A full repertoire of modern batting and bowling styles.
  4. Players with matching capabilities.

8. MS Dhoni: The Official Cricket Game:-

best cricket games for mobiles

If you are a cricket fan, you already know about the MS Dhoni Movie. This game is the official cricket game of that Bollywood movie. It is free to play cricket game and is the part of another popular game Cricket Hungama 2016. In this game, you will be playing the role of Sushant Singh Rajput who is active like MS Dhoni. The objective of the game is to score runs when you are batting and dismiss the opposing batsmen when in the field.

The game is simple and easy to play. It features a unique bowling mechanic, Manual Catching system, dynamic artificial intelligence to ensure different matches each time you play a new game. You have 10 different world class international teams to choose from.

Main Features:

  1. Simple & Easy to learn Controls.
  2. Manual Catching system.
  3. Story mode.
  4. User experience.
  5. HD Sound.

7. Gully Cricket Game 2018:-

best cricket games for mobiles

Become the Gully ka Raja with this Gully Cricket game:2018. Get back to the Indian gully cricket with this game. Warm up for the T20 World Series by playing cricket in your own gully. You can play more than 100 different matches. Reminisce breaking neighbors window panes and car windshields, be a little rowdy and hit the passing rickshaws or annoy the building uncle with this light fun filled game. Choose your own team combination and manage the batting order to blast your rival teams. Select your bats, balls, and stumps carefully to make sure you win at all times. Beat 15 different teams and conquer 3 different gully’s. These teams will come back and keep challenging you even after you have conquered the gully.

Main Features:

  1. Simple gameplay.
  2. More than 130 Matches to be won.
  3.  Great graphics and animations.
  4. Authentic Gully Cricket scenarios.
  5. Record your own Career Stats.

6. Beach Cricket:-

best cricket games for mobiles
Best cricket games for mobiles

If you really want to have a beach cricket experience then you must go for this Beach Cricket game. You can easily download this game in the Google Play Store of your Android Device. Now you can play cricket game in different “Beach” with all the 11 players in a team. Here you can experience different cricketing experience in the direct sunlight and sand. 

Main Features:

  1. Beach cricket.
  2. excellent graphics.
  3. HD sound
  4. Simple Interface.

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5. Cricket World Cup Fever:-

best cricket games for mobiles
Best cricket games for mobiles

As the name suggests, Cricket WorldCup Fever is basically to enjoy the World Cup game. But it also features a short form of cricket if you want quick gameplay. The game comes with 4 exciting modes of play that are Quick Match, Power play, World Cup and Pass-N-Play. The game offers high-quality HD graphics. It shows dynamic Fielding motion captured from a different camera. You get the full control of batting and bowling order. You can use spinner, Fast and Medium Pacer Bowling Options. There are 14 teams, 6 stadiums & 3 difficulty modes. The game also shows Ball-by-ball Over Analysis just like a real game.

Main Features:

  1. High-quality 3D characters.
  2. Full HD” graphics.
  3. Full user control.
  4.  14 teams, 6 stadiums & 3 difficulty modes.
  5. Spinner, Fast and Medium Pacer Bowling Options.

4. Real Cricket 18:-

best cricket games for mobiles

Real Cricket 18 is another excellent cricket game for Android devices. The game comes with each aspect of the cricket to give you real game like feel. The game has 16 Different World Cricket Championships including the World Cup, Under 19 World Cup, Champions Trophy, Asia Cup, IPL and more. In the IPL, it even allows users to participate in the IPL Auction building and make a dream team to play. The game also comes with a test match option to play.

You can choose a team, ground and even select the preferred time of the day to play the match. You have different kinds of bowling to play including Off Spinner, Arm Ball, Doosra, Leg Cutters and more. Same goes with batting where you can play lots of different kinds of shots.

Main Features:

  1. Brand new game engine.
  2. Innovative Gameplay.
  3. Authentic stadiums.
  4. Level up system.
  5. Authentic Cricket equipment.

3. World Cricket Championship Lt:-

best cricket games for mobiles
Best cricket games for mobiles

With over 10 million downloads, World Cricket Championship Lt is the game for you. Play the pack of three of the most electrifying cricket games in the world- World Cricket championship, World Premier League and Super fantasy Cricket League. You can even request for points from your friends when you are in loss. You can taste the success of teamwork with all the new Gangs of cricket. Just feel the stadium come alive with high-quality graphics, professional commentary and a team that you can create with friends. Watch your massive sixes fly out and feel the glory of the moment.

Main Features:

  1. Play tournaments.
  2. Challenge your Friend.
  3. Action Replay.
  4. High-quality graphics.
  5. professional commentary.

2. Big Bash Cricket:-

best cricket games for mobiles
Best cricket games for mobiles

This gaming app is inspired by the famous KFC Big Bash League, which is played in Australia, where foreign players take the ball out of the part and take wickets. You will feel that you are playing the real-life big Bash League because this is KFC’s carbon copy of the Big Bash League. You can choose from a total of 8 teams and this app gives you a 360-degree experience around the ground.

Main Features:

  1. Daily challenges.
  2. Great Gameplay.
  3. New tutorials.
  4. Refined difficulty levels.

1. World Cricket Championship 2:-

World Cricket Championship 2 is the best cricket game available for  Android devices. The game already has more than 10 million and its rating is 4.6. It reflects the popularity of the game. The game has 3D graphics and offers most of the cricket shots you can try to use. You can try popular Dil-scoop from Dilshan or Helicopter shot of Dhoni. The game has more than 140 different batting animations. There are 14 different bowling actions.

best cricket games for mobiles
Best cricket games for mobiles

Most of these are cricket items, which include Hot-Spot and Ultra Edge for LBW and Edge. If it rains, then it has a D / L method. It has Realistic ball physics with the real kind of response. If the batsman plays a bad shot, he may be injured. Players’ feelings during the game are also realistic.

There are 18 different international teams and 10 domestic teams. You can play games in 24 different stadiums. The game has 40+ in-game camera angles and it shows ultra-slow motion action replays. Not only cricket, but this game also has English and Hindi commentary with dynamic ground sounds. Which makes this game even better.

Main Features:

  1. 140 different batting animations.
  2.  Challenging AI opponent.
  3. 14 Different bowling actions.
  4. Realistic ball physics.
  5. Over 250 motion captured animations.

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