Top 5 Best Super overs in IPL Of All Time

5 Best Super overs  in ipl – Ever since the “ECB invented T20 cricket” for its county league in “2003”, the shortest form of the game has been a revelation. It has become furious through fans like wildfire, and in fact today is an intrinsic part of the game. 

Top 5 Best Super overs in   IPL 

Top 5 Best Super overs in   IPL 
Top 5 Best Super overs in   IPL

The Indian Premier League has been a big success since its inception and has much to do with the T20 format.

It is entertaining. It is fast-paced. And, unless weather decides to intrude, it always gives the audience a winner. The super-over has been a delicious component of T20 cricket and has given us some nerve-wracking memories, especially in the IPL.

As we inch closer to a milestone   10th season of the IPL, let us look at its top 5 matches through the seasons that went all the way, and then went a bit beyond! However, before reliving these memories, let’s look at the basic rules of a super-over.

  •  Super-overs, or an over eliminator, is played to determine the winner after the match is tied.
  • The team who bat first in the main match, batting first in the super-overs.
  • Three batsmen are nominated from each side for the super-overs, which means that if a team can lose a maximum of two wickets.
  • A player can either bat or bowl in the super-overs. If the player has bowled super over, then he can not bat for his team in the super-overs and vice versa.

In case the super-over is tied too,

  • The team with the maximum number of boundaries (main match + super-over) wins.
  • The team with the maximum number of boundaries (main match) wins. 
  • If the main match is affected by the rain and the D / L method is used, then the team wins the maximum runs from the final delivery of the super-over (with the extra).

Here are the top 5 super-over matches of the Indian Premier League. 

5. Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Royal Challengers Bangalore, 2013 : 

Top 5 Best Super overs in IPL
Top 5 Best Super overs in IPL

The IPL 2013 was a constitutional affair. On one hand, Chris Gayle scored a monstrous 175 in 66 balls and on the other hand, three Rajasthan Royals players were arrested for spot-fixing.

In this Mumbai Indians vs Chennai SuperKing final, which Mumbai won, who took their first IPL trophy and ended Sachin’s IPL career at a high level.

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What was specifically made to the tournament was that he saw two super-overs matches in his group stage. This never happened in any other version of the IPL. Surprisingly, the Royal Challengers Bangalore was a part of both of these matches.

Top 5 Best Super overs in ipl
Top 5 Best Super overs in ipl

Let us talk about the earlier match which was between Sunrises Hyderabad and RCB at the Rajiv Gandhi Stadium in Hyderabad. After the scores were tied at 130-each, Cameron White and Thisara Perera took guard against Vinay Kumar in the super-over.

They set a total of 20 with Virat Kohli’s team needing 21 to win. The captain walked out with Chris Gayle to try and do the same against a fiery Dale Steyn. 


Balls                        SRH                     RCB 

1                       No ball (1+1)

.                                    1                           2

2                                   1                           1

3                                   1                           4

4                                   6                           1

5                                   6                           6

6                                   2                           1

Total                           20                         15

The Super-overs and consequently the match was bowled in favor of the home’s team as soon as White hit those huge sixes against Vinay Kumar. It immediately put RCB on the defensive. Vinay Kumar’s no ball off the first delivery of the super-over also gave the hosts two extra runs and another ounce of confidence immediately.

Top 5 Best Super overs in IPL
Top 5 Best Super overs in IPL

Dale Steyn fired two spot-on yorkers which put the batsmen under tremendous pressure. His experience, backed up by the good work from his teammates earlier, is what got SRH over the line. 

An important lesson from this super-over was to not give the opposition any extra runs and to avoid length deliveries at all costs – all the three sixes hit in the super-over were off length deliveries. 

4. Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Delhi Daredevils, 2013 :

Top 5 Best Super overs
Top 5 Best Super overs in ipl

RCB’s 2013 season was full of undulated performances. Some days, they were these superhumans that were impossible to beat. On others, their spark fizzled out suddenly. In spite of boasting of the strongest playing XI in the IPL, especially in the batting department, Kohli’s men could not even qualify for the playoffs.

However, they did give the audience some exciting action. 

Their second super-over of the season was against the Delhi Daredevils, this time in their backyard – the Chinnaswamy stadium in Bangalore. The match was tied when RCB levelled scores with the 152 made by the Daredevils.

Top 5 best super overs in ipl
Top 5 best super overs in ipl

Gayle and AB de Villiers came out to bat in the super-over and scored a total of 15 runs against a misfiring Umesh Yadav. David Warner and Ben Rohrer had an uphill task ahead of them and Ravi Rampaul was the bowler. 


Balls                       RCB                       DD

1                                1                           W

2                                1                           4

3                                1                           0

4                                0                           6

5                                6                           1

6                                6                           W

Total                        15                         11

Top 5 best super over in ipl
Top 5 best super over in ipl

In the last two balls of Yadav, special sixes of AB de Villiers immediately moved to the pace. Gayle, who had caught Warner since the first delivery of the super-overs, almost sealed the RCB deal.

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What set the two super overs apart was the calm head that the South African kept even after scoring just 3 runs off the first 4 deliveries. Irfan Pathan could not do the same when his side required 5 from 1 to win the game. Instead, he ended up losing his wicket.

3. Chennai Super Kings v Kings XI Punjab, 2010 :

Top 5 Best Super overs in IPL
Top 5 Best Super overs in IPL

Chennai Superkings were the most consistent team in the incredibly Indian Premier League. He qualified for the Playoffs of each participating player, reached five finals and won two of them. Especially from 2009 to 2012, he was a team defeating the team.

This was the first and only super-overs of the third edition of the IPL. This was a low scoring game where KXIP scored only 136 runs and the best CSK could do so. In the last over, they came closer when they needed 4 from 4 balls and 1 from 2 deliveries later. 

Top 5 Best Super overs in IPL
Top 5 Best Super overs in IPL

However, Pathan ensured that they would not be able to fulfill it. Albie Morkel, Matthew Hayden and Suresh Raina, faced the IPL’s first batsman Juan Theron to set a target of 10 runs. Mahela Jayawardene and Yuvraj Singh were sent by KXIP to chase the target against Muttiah Muralidharan. 


Balls                          CSK                    KXIP

1                                  1                          6

2                                 W                         W

3                                  2                          0

4                                  6                          4

5                                 W                          –

Total                           9                          10

The analysis of at tracting this super-overs is simple – in a super over, both can not afford to lose wickets, especially when batting first. More than anything else, it wastes an entire delivery or more, thereby restricting the batting team automatically.

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Apart from this, spinner bowling in the super-overs is a dangerous deal that looks very risky to be effective. Cheeky shots, exactly like the one Yuvraj Singh played to win the match, are more probable when a spinner is bowling. 

2. Kolkata Knight Riders vs Rajasthan Royals, 2009 :

Top 5 Best Super overs in IPL
Top 5 Best Super overs in IPL

Both these teams have locked horns in a super-over two times over the nine editions of the IPL and both of them have been sensational. Let us talk about the first ever super-over of the Indian Premier League, which took place at Cape Town in the second edition of the IPL in 2009. 

Shane Warne’s electric stop off the last ball of the KKR innings ensured that Ishant Sharma could only score a run instead of the couple that were required to win the match. The scores were tied at 150 each. Gayle and Brendon McCullum walked in to the centre in the super-over against an inspired Kamran Khan.

Top 5 Best Super overs in IPL
Top 5 Best Super overs in IPL

Gayle did what he does the best to score three consecutive 4s to set up a stiff target of 16 for Warne and company. Little did they know that Yusuf Pathan would end up doing it all alone in just 4 deliveries.


Balls                         KKR                  RR 

1                                 1                        6

2                                 1                        2

3                                 4                        6

4                               Wide                   4

.                                  4

5                                 4                        –

6                                W                        –

Total                        15                      18

What made the target accessible to the Royals was the mind-blowing catch taken to dismiss Gayle on the last delivery of the super-over. If that would’ve been a boundary, the target would’ve gone almost out of hands for the defending champions.

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Brad Hodge dropped Pathan, which proved that catches win matches and drops are too costly in this format of the game. Moreover, handing the super-over to a spinner, even though it was Ajanta Mendis, proved to be too big a gamble yet again. 

1. Kolkata Knight Riders vs Rajasthan Royals, 2014 :

Top 5 Best Super overs in IPL
Top 5 Best Super overs in IPL

This match really does not require any introduction. The excitement of the final over, the stress of the super-over and the Steve Smith’s Cam Head – every person who saw this match will always remember clearly.

This match is the only match in the history of IPL where the super-overs were also tied. Yes, you read it right! Both teams scored 11 runs in the main match in a huge 191 and super-overs, which actually used the boundary count rule.

Top 5 Best Super overs in IPL
Top 5 Best Super overs in IPL

Rajasthan Royals won the match when Steve Smith quietly closed the ball to make it two runs, instead of requiring 3 runs for the last delivery.


Balls                      KKR                    RR

1                    W+1 (run out)           1

2                             1                        1

3                             1                        1

4                             6                        4

5                             1                        W

6                      W+1 (run out)         2

Total                     11                      11

This super-over proves that technique, strength and momentum might matter in sport but even today , nothing is important as the presence of the mind. The field was pushed way back by Gautam Gambhir to try and stop the boundary.

Steve Smith knew that running the couple would yield the same result as scoring a boundary. He chose to go the smarter way and thus, pushed this match to the top of the IPL super-overs list .

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I hope you have enjoyed this article of “Top 5 Best Super Overs In IPL of all Time” . Please leave your valuable comments and suggestions. 

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