Top 7 MS Dhoni leadership Lesson

7 MS Dhoni leadership lesson – If you are the upcoming cricket captain, you can learn a lot from the former Indian captain MS Dhoni. Here are the seven top lessons that you can learn from Dhoni and incorporate them in your captaincy.

Top 7 MS Dhoni leadership Lesson

Top 7 MS Dhoni leadership Lesson

About MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni is one of the most successful cricket captains in India. His tranquility and extraordinary ability to manage the team win him praise all over the world. In India, his captaincy is winning in many important matches. The way he creates strategies during each game and comes with a unique solution, the upcoming cricketing leader can learn something.

Whether you are playing fantasy cricket or traditional cricket, if you want to enjoy the moments of winning, you can learn a lot from your captain style. If you want to stay on top of your cricket team someday, here are seven tips that will help you transform from a good cricketing leader to extraordinary.

1. Never Let Failures Overcome You :-

In 2011, India was a devastating series with Australia and England. The Indian cricket team dropped down, and this was the case with fast and bouncy pitches in England. However, when the question arose in an interview, which troubled him more, then he had a fair answer for the journalist. He said that he did not think about it.

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As an upcoming cricket captain, you too should not let failures on the pitch get the better of you. In sports, winning and losing is part of the equation. However, how you deal with failures is important. If you keep thinking about them and it adversely affects the next game you play, failures will not let you grow as a captain and player. Instead, you should treat each game as a new challenge and pick up the learning from lost matches and apply it to this challenge.

2. Have Confidence in Your Ability as a Captain and Player :- 

MS Dhoni always believes in and trust in himself and his team. He knows that the team he chooses can do under his captaincy. It is believed that he has helped them to avoid failures and enjoy excellent results.

So, it goes without saying that if you reduce the loss and believe that fate or luck was against you, then you will never be able to perform. However, if you have confidence in the captain and your chosen team, then you will always give 100% on the field, and this will reap rich dividends.

3. Delegation Can Help You Win :-

If you played MS Dhoni in a game, then he always encourages his bowlers from behind the wicket. Sometime, do you go to the bowler and tell him how to bowl. Whenever it is difficult, they have no qualifications to consult with other players. Dhoni has taken effective delegation in the art form.

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When the players are inexperienced, you can guide them so that their ability comes. However, you should not be scared to hand over some responsibilities. As a captain, the buck stops with you, but when you take an effective delegation, the other team members become responsible for their actions. You can also get advice and recommendations from other players so that it can fully benefit the team. 

4. Have a Well-Balanced Team :-

You may be the best strategist, but if you don’t have players to support your strategies, nothing will work. Dhoni believes a captain is as good as his team, and that is something you need to learn and respect. When every player has a role to play and performs that role perfectly, the team will work as a associative unit.

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Hence, spend time choosing your players and ensure each one complements that other; and the team as a whole should be the right one for the strategies you have in mind. It is only then that everything will be in sync.

5. Cope with Pressure in a Calm Manner

Imagine Dhoni – always had to carry the dreams of a billion people. His was a high-pressure job. However, he always had a calm and serene composure on the field that it used to rub off on his players.

You also have the pressure to perform as captain and to take the dreams of your players and their families. If you succumb in this pressure, then you will be unable to do your best or guide your team in the right way. So, learn to channel the pressure so that it helps you to do your best in crunch matches and allows you to make the right decisions during the game.

6. The Buck Stops with You :-

If you get the accolades when your team wins, you should be prepared to get the brickbats when it loses. You cannot pin a defeat on your teammates. This is something Dhoni followed throughout his captaincy. He was quick to give credit for wins to players and used to accept the responsibility loses.

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You should also follow Dhoni and be responsible for your team’s performance, whether it is good or bad. After all, it was based on your strategy and motivation. So, do not be quick to take credit and bring shame.

7. Know Your Team’s Strengths and Weaknesses :-

Each cricket team has the strengths and weaknesses. Dhoni understood it all well That’s why he will return the players even when their form is poor. He knew that when they retrieve the form, they would a force to reckon with.

You too should know each player’s strengths and weaknesses so that you can formulate your on-field strategies accordingly. It will help you grow as a captain and player.

These are some things that any emerging cricket captain Captain Cool, MS Dhoni can learn to improve his gameplay and captain the strategy.

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